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BeerBQ is on this weekend. Come and join us for Maximum Barbecue Saturation! Tickets are on sale now.

Get four Sierra Nevada beers, beef brisket, pork ribs, lamb sliders and chipotle wings and free lawn bowls for $65 BARGAIN!!!!

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Winter at Josie Bones

Josie Bones is embracing this glorious winter weather with some changes to our food menu. Settle in with a glass of something dark and roasty and one of our new menu additions – perhaps Cassoulet with confit duck shanks or 12 hour braised beef cheek or grilled duck hearts with cumquat and avocado salsa? Maybe mackerel escabeche, or brussel sprouts with pancetta and roasted chestnuts? And there’s always our ever-changing daily range of menu additions.

Beer Guy James Greenfield has been getting a wee bit over-excited at the breadth of beers available to us and has expanded our list to now be over 260-strong. In honour of this delightfully icy weather, it of course includes a growth in all things dark beer – what better way to escape the rain than to relax into a glass of something dark, toasty, roasty, malty, chocolatey and delicious.

Josie Bones’ new menu will be phased in from 1 July (our financial new year present to you) and will be entirely available very soon. Don’t stay in and hibernate, Josie Bones is waiting with a warm meal and a tasty beer.