A world of beer, that’s where we live right now; beer from Beechworth, beer from Bavaria, beer from Quebec, beer from Nigeria. Through our glasses flow traditional ales brewed with exotic fruit and spices, German-style lagers from tiny towns in Japan and Norwegian experimental beers that defy description. With glass in hand we explore the hop-fields of New Zealand, the centuries-old Trappist monasteries of Belgium, the hop-fuelled madness of American West Coast microbreweries and the 150 year old brewing traditions of Bohemia. And then back home for some good old Aussie ales.

Since the early 1980’s Australians have played with wine and food – encouraging an evolution of flavours and techniques that has developed along with our collective palate. Now it’s the Age Of The Ale and Josie Bones is excited and proud to pilot the good ship Melbourne into these uncharted waters.

We’ve taken delivery of more cases of beer than we know what to do with (just kidding, we know exactly what to do with them) and we’re very close indeed to being able to pass these on to you, the deserving public. We’ll see you soon at Josie Bones.